Other Services

At ENVO, our vision is to revolutionise the concept of outsourcing and to be your one stop preferred outsourcing partner. We strive to achieve our vision by providing other outsourcing services through ENVO’s reliable and trustworthy strategic partners.

Exclusive Partners
GoGet provides manpower for your operations with reliable and verified part timers. Save costs while you grow your business. GoGet offers the following services:

  • On-demand dispatch
  • Same day delivery
  • On the ground flyering
  • Surveying and manual labour

For more information on our special rate, please click in the link below:

Envo Special Rate!

Training & Development

ATCEN aspires to be Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner. ATCEN have garnered extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit www.atcen.com

Other Services


Payroll processing and recruitment of staff can be time consuming and costly, which
is why our strategic partners are here to assist in the following services:

  • Payroll Services
  • Recruitment solution outsourcing
  • Human Resource Consultancy


Our strategic partners are able to solve the hassle of you running your own accounts
department via the following services:

  • Accounts set-up
  • Bookkeeping of income and expenses including receipts and payment

  • Accounting (preparation of financial statements and bank reconciliation)
  • GST review and submission services
  • Administrative and filing services


We are able to offer all levels of IT support and consultancy including:

  • Upgrading and installation of IT system
  • Software and mobile application development
  • CRM development
  • Implementation of IP telephony and unified communication
  • Implementation of firewall and security system including back-up system

Callnovo is our international multilingual contact centre strategic partner with its headquarter in Guangzhou and Hunan, China. Callnovo has more than 3000 contact centre agents with centres located in other parts of Asia, North and South America as well.

For more information, please visit callnovo.com.


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